How To Use Your Mobile As a CCTV and Monitor From Your Mobile

Burglars are one of the main headache of the house owner. There are so many technological stuffs to help finding burglars or promised to help reduce theft. Recently, an app has been developed which can be downloaded on your phone and use your phone as a CCTV camera as well as another phone as a monitor. Basically, You should download the app call Manything in to your both phones and should keep one phone at your home facing more valuable things and you should have another phone to use as a monitor to watch video taking by your previous phone.

What if the thief steals the phone which was using as a CCTV at home?
Even if the thief steal that mobile the video taken by that mobile will be stored in server so that you can excess the footage.

When camera will start taking video?
As soon as the camera detects any motion, it will be activated.

Which phone should I have for this technique?
This app is available only at iPhone apps at the moment. So you should have two iPhones.

Is this app free?
It is free for one camera. If you want to add more cameras(iPhones) then you must pay.

How long video footage can be recorded?
There is no limit for maximum footage length but up to 12 hours of video footage storage is free, if you record more that 12 hours of video footage then you have to pay.


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