How To Delete Already Sent Messages From Message Receiver’s Mobile

Sometimes you send a message which you were not supposed to send. Once your message has been sent then you can’t undo or delete that message which has already been received by the recipient. This might lead you to trouble sometimes. But now you don’t need to worry about this, you can delete the message you have already sent to someone though the recipient has already been received or have already been read.

Strings is an app for apple app store which will give you authority to take full control over your message conversation. All the conversations through this app can be deleted permanently by the users. Even if the recipient has downloaded the pictures or text or videos sent by the sender, sender will get full control over downloaded medias. Receiver can’t even save by using screenshot. If user tries to save using screenshot then that user’s account will be deleted.

 If you delete your account from Strings then your all conversation data will be deleted permanently from your mobile as well as from the server.
Currently, Strings is only available in apple app store for free.
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