How To Earn Money From Domain Parking

There are so many ways to monetize your domain. Among them let me tell you how you can earn money from domain parking:

By using Domain Parking:

In this method you only need to do few easy things. Firstly you need to buy domains and then you should select one of the domain parking providers from the market. For eg Sedo, Godaddy etc. Some domain parking providers take monthly fee to park your domain but some of the domain parking providers don’t. For eg. Godaddy takes couple of bucks per month to get your one domain parking with ads whereas Sedo doesn’t take any monthly fee to get your domain parked. Once you register your domain to get parked with ads, your domain parking provider will put some google adsense ads on your domain. So that if anybody visits your domain and clicks on any ads then your domain parking provider will receive some revenue from that revenue your domain parking provider will share about 50%-70% of revenue with you. It depends up on the domain parking provider company.
It looks easy but its not that easy to earn money from only one domain which has been parking with ads. If your domain is really popular and so many users hits your domain name, then you might be able to earn some money in daily basis but there are so many domains which even don’t earn a single penny over a month.
So, the main Idea about this is you should select more than one possible user searchable domains to get parked. Normally people put 200-300 domains to get parked to earn few dollars per month.
One really nice idea is you can search for recently expired domains. If you become able to get recently expired domains then that domain is more likely to get hit by the user. If you have categorized that domain with same category as the previous owners content then you can see the ads on your domain relevant to the previous owner’s content, so that user more likely to click on those ads generating you more money.
There are some other ways to monetize your domain, I will be writing those other ideas on my next posts.I will be writing more about how to earn money online in future. If you have any questions then please write in a comment below.

What do you think about domain parking?