Free Nepali Classified Website For UK Has Launched

A classified site is more important to those who are very new to any place, also a classified ads site is very useful for everybody for their different varieties of needs. As the increasing influx of Nepalese in to the UK, one Nepali oriented classified site was very needed which could be helpful to all Nepalese living in the UK to search for houses, rooms for rent, Nepali products, Nepali services, Nepali businesses and many more. Apart from the business boost up, a Nepali classified site helps all the Nepalese living in the UK to get united by the means of one website. is the first ever classified website developed by 1MC Ltd targeted to all the Nepalese living in the UK.

How can can boost your business?
If you post your business directory to then your business will get more targeted audience living in the UK. gets thousands of visitors everyday that means any interested viewers can view your ad about your business who may turn in to your potential customers. 
Recent Marketing of has been marketing it’s brands via it’s own Facebook page and groups having thousands of followers. On the other hand has been doing it’s marketing directly to many places by publishing advertising materials, leaflets and many more.
How much does it costs to get one ad posted?
Its FREE! Posting an ad in is totally free. Everybody can post their own ad on their own style and can also include a number of pictures.
In you can post any events also. For more details visit 

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