Top 5 Best Business VoIP Service Providers With Cheapest Rate

Here is the list of top 5 best business VoIP service providers with there minimum plan costs, service plans and other features. These VoIP providers provide VoIP for small business as well as for large business. You can read all the necessary features which you are looking for and compare business VoIP providers in accordance with your business need.

VoIP call management solution can be used to get the voice call transferred from one user to another via internet so it is called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). There are so many companies which provide VoIP services along with other call management solutions like- extensions with voicemail, auto-receptionist with answering rules, call forwarding, call screening, call recording, visual voicemail, internet fax, local and toll free numbers and many more. VoIP could be useful for many businesses whether it is big, where you need to communicate with lots of customers or small business, where you need to communicate with small number of people. Why VoIP? Because it is the cheapest or cost-effective method to transfer voice data through internet. VoIP allows you to make telephone calls using a high-speed internet connection instead of a traditional analog phone line.
Most VoIP services give you the option of softphone, which simply means using your computer as a phone. There are so many companies, which offer apps for smart phones. Since most VoIP services cater to businesses as well as residences, they work very well for home offices as well. Due to use of the normal phones you already have, its setup cost is also minimal.
If you are looking for VoIP service providers, which provide VoIP for small business or for large business then you can compare business VoIP providers from our given top 5 best business VoIP service providers list.

Below is list of top best 5 VoIP providers

Service Provider      Phone Power       ITP       BroadVoice

Plan Costs
Minimum Plan Cost         $8.33              $9.99         $12.50              $14.99            $9.95
Minimum Plan Minutes    5000               500            Unlimited           300                Unlimited
Unlimited Domestic         $19.95            $19.99       $19.95              $24.99            $17.95
Unlimited World             $24.95             $24.99       $24.95              $24.99            $19.95

Service Fees
Setup Fee                       None                $29.95        None               None               None
Cancellation Fee             $99                   None          $99                  None               $99

Hope above mentioned figure could be beneficial for you to compare among best 5 business VoIP providers.

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  1. The demand for voice over services is on the rise globally. Find out in what ways can you take advantage of this in your current business and even in your culturally inclined interests.

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