Why Samsung Galaxy S5 is Better Than iPhone

You might have read about why iPhone is better than Samsung Galaxy or why Samsung Galaxy is better than iPhone. If you wanted to buy a best mobile handset then you must have read about the comparison between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. So what is your conclusion? Is iPhone better than Samsung Galaxy? Here we are going to tell you the fact which we have found from business insider. Actually we are not being inclined to any smartphone whatsoever we are trying to list some features of Samsung galaxy S5 which can’t be found on iPhone. We have found Top 10 things which you can’t apply on iPhone but you can apply to Samsung Galaxy S5.
Top 10 Features which Samsung Galaxy S5 has but iPhone hasn’t

1. You can pay your bill using finger print. Samsung has worked together with paypal to achieve this feature on it.
2. Water Resistant Feature.Samsung Galaxy S5 will have water resistant feature which iPhone don’t have.
3. Most powerful Camera. Samsung will have 16 megapixel camera which is far more better than iPhone. iPhone S5 has go only 8 megapixel camera.
4. External Memory Slot. Samsung Galaxy will have internal memory of 16 GB and 32 GB as well as it will have external memory card slot so that you can extend its memory to 128 GB in total. Whereas iPhone has got only internal memory system up to 64 GB.
5. Excellent Front Camera. Samsung will have excellent front camera. Normally all the mobile phone handset has poor camera quality for front camera. After taking consideration of this fact Samsung has brought a front camera with excellent capacity which will be used easily to take great selfie.
6. Live HDR Preview. Samsung Galaxy S5 will have HDR live preview so that you can watch the effects before taking the picture from your phone. Samsung Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone to bring this feature.
7. HD video. You can use Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone to take HD videos. Samsung has claimed to have four times more HD than the normal HD resolution. So Samsung Galaxy will be able to take better HD videos than from Apple’s iPhone 5S.
8. Reduced Battery Usage. Samsung Galaxy S5 will have feature to reduce battery consumption.
9. Unaffected with Poor Battery Life. As the battery life goes low, battery starts to affect other near integrated parts with acid from battery. Samsung Galaxy S5 will have different arrangement so that damaging battery will not affect your entire handset.
10. Use as Remote Controller. Samsung Galaxy could be used as a remote controller with the help of infrared blaster on the top of it. Apple’s iPhone doesn’t have this feature yet.

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