Top 5 Interesting Tips You Must Know About Apple’s Iphone or Ipad

1. How to reset IPhone or Ipad?       

Some time you might feel your iPhone or iPad is reacting really slower than normal or some time your phone gets dead automatically without any fault. In such cases the only thing you could primarily do is to reset your phone or iPad. In most of the cases many iPhone dysfunction problems will be solved by resetting. As we know that Apple hasn’t provided any specific button to reset your iPhone or iPad but you can reset them using simple technique.
To reset your iPhone or iPad you just simply need to press power button and main button of your phone or iPad together for more that 20 seconds or until it gets restarted.                                                                                                 

2. How to get better picture quality from IPhone or Ipad camera?

If you use iPhone or iPad then most probably you would like to capture your favourable or best moment as a means of photographs by your phone. Even though iPhone or iPad has got higher pixel to capture a good picture but you can even strengthen your picture quality by using many techniques available.

By Using Apps

 You can use many apple’s apps to enhance your picture quality. Here are some available apps for apple’s iPhone or iPad user.

By Using External Lenses

You can get various external lenses in the market to connect to your iPhone or iPad to get better customized picture quality.

3. How to go to the top of Facebook page without scrolling up in IPhone or Ipad?

Facebook has been designed in such a way that you can the page goes further down as you scroll down the page. There is no any page navigation system to go to page no 1,2,3…like that. While using Facebook when you go too much down of your page then you might want to come back to the top position of the page. To do this you might have to scroll up from your scroll bar if you are using any desktop computer or laptop or any other phone that iPhone and iPad.
In iPhone or iPad you just need to tap on the top bar of the Facebook page twice quickly to come to the top page of the Facebook.

4.How to hide any photo from IPhone or Ipad without using any software or app?

If you want to hide any picture from your iPhone or iPad then you could use various apps claiming that they can help you to hide pictures from gallery but here I would like to show you a very simple and crazy way to hide your picture without any apps or software. Check this video below

5.How to charge IPhone or Ipad quicker than normal speed?

Sometimes you need to charge your iPhone or iPad very quickly but that time you feel it is taking longer than usual time to charge right? There is not a lot you could do to charge your iPhone or iPad quicker than normal time which it takes to charge usually but you can definitely do couple of things before you put your iPhone or iPad on charge.

  • Switch off your device while charging
  • Put your phone in airplane mode while you put your device on charge

These two indicated tips will definitely help you to get your phone charged quicker than normal time.

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