Top 10 Best Mobile Phones (Smartphones) – Spring 2014

Top 10 best smartphone 2014
Which is the best smartphone out there? Remember only one factor should not make a mobile phone best to use. We should think about design, usability and value for money. Here is the best top 10 smartphone by techradar till spring 2014.

10. Nokia Lumia 520
  • This is a great windows phone that you can get under £100. It doesn’t exactly excel anyway but is perfect for those who want to spend less to get better smartphone. It got big screen, camera flash and new technology NFC (Near Field Communication).
9. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • If you like a very big screen then Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best for you. This is a great device with superb battery life, mountains of speed and delectable screen. It also stuffed with the loads of feature. This might be a too big for an option. 5.7′ screen is best for video. Price is a bit lofty.
8. HTC One Mini
  • It is smaller and cheaper. If you take a look at HTC one normal size and mini then you can hardly fond the difference between them two except the size. It is a cheaper version of HTC One with cheaper price.
7. Moto G
  • Another mid ranged handset with low in price tag is Moto G. From well defined 4.5 inch screen, quad core processor, its lovely to get this mobile in low cost.
6. Apple iPhone 5S
  • It is beautiful phone with great screen, and excellent fingerprint sensor but main problem with this phone is cost. It is so costlier so that not a normal person can afford the price.
5. Samsung Galaxy S4
  • It has got everything which a smart phone should have with great screen, long last battery and high speed processor. This is a great choice for android lover.
4. Google Nexus 5
  • Really good to see Nexus 5 jumping to the top 4 which is possible due to improvement of the Google’s latest update of the software. It has a proper CPU and a nice screen. But comparing with price for this phone, the camera and the battery life is not as expected.
3. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
  • This is a compact version with almost nothing compromised to get it smaller. 2.2 GHz makes it similar to Samsung S4. If you like smaller compact phone with best quality, then this might be the best smartphone for you.
2. LG G2
  • Superb screen, great camera are the main features of this phone. This phone is great phone for gamer who loves to play game on phone. It is a great android phone.
  • The five star HTC ONE have everything which you need in a smartphone. It has compact design, great screen and innovative design. Though it doesn’t have the best camera as expected, it has become the best smart phone for spring 2014. You can never say it may remains on the number one until we will get upcoming Samsung S5.

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