Top 10 Amazing Tips and Tricks Every iPhone and iPad User Must Know

Top 10 amazing tips and tricks every iPhone and iPad user should know! Most of the iPad or iPhone users don’t know most of these tricks which will make your life easier to play with. As I have been discussing about tips and tricks for mobile phones, computer, Facebook, iPad and iPhone here is another list of top 10 amazing tips and tricks for iPad and iPhone users.
  1. While your calculator is open, turn your phone sideways and it turns in to a scientific calculator.
  2. You can use your camera WITHOUT entering your password. Simply swipe the camera icon and take pictures.
  3. While using your calculator if you need to delete an extra “0” on the first place then simply swipe right on the display area to remove that extra zero.
  4. When you are using phone at night you can convert your display setting to get less strain on your eyes. Go to Settings->General->Accessibility->Invert colors.
  5. While charging your phone putting your phone into Airplane mode will charge your phone as TWICE as fast
  6. If you have too many favorite apps then put all the apps in one folder and then drag that folder on main button line of the iPhone or iPad for quick access.
  7. Simply swipe across the keyboard to make your iPad more comfortable with THUMB keyboard.
  8. Close more than one app at once. If you use three fingers then your three apps will be closed at once.
  9. You can use most Bluetooth keyboards with your iPhone to turn your iPhone as a mini word processor.
  10. You can add a phone number pause by simply holding the asterisk”*” after the number then a comma will appear then you can add another number. This idea can be used to call a number with extension.

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