How to get Office address and Land line phone (Virtual Offices and Virtual Land line Phone)

Are you planning to run any small business from your house which doesn’t need office premises but you want to put an address for your business and a land line phone number with automated receptionist virtually to make your business more professional then you are in right post.

Actually you can get virtual offices in a very decent places where you wish to had a business office. The idea of virtual office had came from a combination of technological innovation and the Information age. The first commercial application of virtual office occurred in 1994 when Ralph Gregory founded “The Virtual Office Inc” in Boulder, Colorado.

To get a virtual office you can look on the internet you will get loads of virtual spaces available in your convenient space.

What services can you get from a Virtual Office?
There are two types of services you can get from virtual offices.

1. Space Services

From virtual office you can get a professional address for your business which is most important for a good impression of your business. There are more services available from virtual offices such as mailing address and mail redirect service, Open envelop scanning- a handler opens the mail and scans the contents and send it to your email, Business meeting spaces, Casual workshop with full free technology available to use and many more.

2. Communication Services

Virtual offices will provide you a telephone number with a receptionist to receive your call and report you all the information about calls as a virtual assistant.

Is it possible to get a virtual telephone number only with virtual receptionist?

Yes it is possible to get a virtual landline phone number. You can buy a monthly subscription for these kind of services. You can record your own voice or you can get professional recording for your virtual receptionist voice. Most useful attraction of this service is you can divert that landline number in to your mobile number so that anybody calling to landline number will be diverted to your mobile so that you can answer those call as if you are at your office receiving your landline phone. If you are in UK then you can use eReceptionists and Soho66 for virtual telephone number.

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