How to Check if you can unlock your mobile phone for free

Unlocking mobile phone has been a necessary thing for mobile phone users if they want to use their phone with different service provides. In UK most of the network providers block the mobile set to use with only their networked Sim cards. If you need to go abroad or if you want to gift your mobile to other users then you might need to unlock your mobile phone so that another person can use with any other network.

Most of the mobile phone unlocking can be done  free of cost and by yourself. But how to find out actual description about either your mobile phone set could be unlocked by yourself or you need to pass it to somebody else and pay for it?

Giffgaff unlockapedia is a reliable source to find out any model of your mobile phone with any manufacturer with any network(any network available in UK) is either available to be unlocked for free or how much service provider will charge for it.

Some phones can be unlocked for free, and others may need to be unlocked by an expert unlocker- either way Unlockapedia can help you.

  • Go to Unlockapedia
  • Select your make and model number
  • Read the information
Unlockapedia has provided general chart for UK’s major network service provider’s unlocking services rated.
Provider                                     Price              Time To Unlock*
My Phone Unlockcode                 Varies              Varies
Mobile Unlock Codes                  Varies              Varies
iPhone Unlock                              Varies              Varies
Vodafone                                     £19.99             24 hours
T Mobile                                      £15.32             28 days
Tesco Mobile                               £20.00             N/A
3 Mobile                                      £15.32             N/A
Virgin Mobile                               £15.00             N/A
Orange                                        £20.00              7 days
O2 Mobile                                   £15.00             7 days
Mobile Unlocked                         Varies              Varies
Fones Zone                                  Varies              Varies
*The times listed for networks are based on their maximum stated figures.
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