How to Add Google Custom Search box On Blogger

Almost all the blog contains own search bar, but some blogger would like to put Google custom search bar to monetize their search bar. If you put Google’s Custom Search on your blog then you can earn some money from your search engine as well. You can get various idea about installing Google custom search on WordPress but in my experience I never found a sweet and short method to put Google Custom search on blogger. So I started to write this post for the new bloggers who want to monetize users search from their blog by installing Google’s custom search engine in their blog.

Steps for installing Google Custom Search on Blogger

  • Create Google’s Custom Search
    • You can create Google Custom Search by going to your adsense ads account and then going to Search tab or directly form Google developer tools
    • You can click on the respected links to go there.
    • While creating Google Custom Search you will have fill some form and you will get many choices to customize your search box.
    • You will have to read and accept Google’s terms for Search.
    • Finally you will get two different codes
  • Copy first code and paste where you want to put your Search box
    • Go to Template>Edit html >paste the code after <Head> tab wherever you want your search box to be appeared.
  • Create a new page on blogger.
    • Create a new page on your blogger and give a title something like Search Results or Search.
  • Paste second code on that page which you have recently created.
    • Save your template. Its Done!
In this way you can create a Google custom search box on your blog created by blogger.

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