How To Block Annoying You Tube Ads

Have you ever wondering how can you block or control ads on You Tube, Dailymotion or whatever? Ok then here is the best solution for those people who want to enjoy their favorite videos without ads. To activate ads less video view in your computer firstly you need to identify which one is adaptable  for your browser.

For Google Chrome Users

There is the best option to block and manage video ads of You Tube or Dailymotion videos for the chrome users. Use of more than one options give you better solution. ( Note: To go to the respective sites just click on the blue underlined Link below.)

Adblock Plus(beta)

It is an extension for Chrome which can be used for blocking Ads from any videos and any websites you want. It is very simple to use. Just click on (+ADD TO CHROME) to add on your list of Chrome Extensions.

Then you will see one small rectangular box to let you confirm whether you are sure to add it or not. Just press “ADD”
Hurrey!!!! Its DONE! Now you won’t see any cookies based ads in any websites. 

Now Enjoy Your YouTube Videos Without Any Ads. For more tips and tricks Like this Facebook Page : Tech Knowledge

How To Unblock Again

Once you blocked all the ads later you might want to unblock it, but HOW?
Here is some easy steps with illustrated pictures, so that you can easily unblock it.
  1. Go to “Customize and Control Google Chrome” setting (which you can find on the Top Right hand side corner, below ‘X’, three straight lines”-” stacked in one place) then >>Tools >>>Extensions.
  1. Then you will see Adblock extension enabled. Just click on the small square box to remove the selection as is picture below. DONE!! In future you can switch it “ON” and “OFF” from there according to your need.

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