How to make I Phone run faster?

Today I am going to give you some tips about how to make your old I phone run like new, fresh and fast. Before I start i should tell you the reason of why did I choose to write about this topic today. This credit goes to one of my friend who woke me up early in the morning by giving a buzz in my phone. He was calling from his wife’s mobile. He was suffering from slow response, getting hanged some times totally dead of his mobile phone. Then I told him what he can do about it and I decided to write something about it. Here we go:

To make your I phone run faster as a new phone you should follow following process:
  • Go to Settings > General >Usage   
       As you can see all the applications and how much memory it has been using. Now you can remove such applications which you think you don’t need. Like some people don’t fancy games in their mobile so they can delete their game apps. Simply click on the app which you don’t need and click on delete app.
  •    Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History > clear cookies and data
      Finally we can reset the phone. Regarding reset normally many people get worried to reset. They think this process may delete their data But it’s not always true. There are few types of reset options in a phone. Here i am telling you to use that reset option which will not effect your data for eg. pictures, messages, but it only changes your settings to default settings. For final step
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings ( note: Do not click on other reset settings except Reset All Settings)
That’s all.
Lastly I would like to give you one more tip for I phone or Samsung Galaxy as many people are unaware of this solution. Some times you might find your phone completely dead or hanged, non of the buttons will work. so that you can’t perform anything further. what should you do? In this case I would recommend one easiest way to solve this problem.
  • Press Power and Home button together until your phone re-starts.
 Normally, I phone takes 20-30 seconds and Samsung takes 10-15 seconds to restart.
Once your phone restarts you can follow the process which I have described on the top to make your phone fit and smart again. If you want to know other useful tips and tricks you can press Facebook like button on the top left of this page to follow.

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