Use your mobile as wireless keyboard and mouse

I am always distressful about wireless keyboard and mouse. I was wanting different things which is more portable than whole wireless keyboard and mouse. I have already bought wireless keyboard and mouse separately but it always bothered me that I have to put this in my bags and it took big space. But now I have a better option. I can use my mobile as wireless keyboard and mouse.

Now, I can operate my laptop on the table from my bed. In reality I put laptop in schedule shut down mood and place it on top of my table which is 6-7 feet from my bed. Before sleeping I use to change songs on youtube or play from saved laptop folders from my bed. Everything on your laptop can operate from your mobile. It is interesting, isn’t it ? And, best thing is that we can use this at free of cost.

To use mobile as wireless keyboard and mouse, you should be download RemoteDroid in your laptop, download from here, as well as in your mobile, download from here. Remember, RemoteDroid software only works by android mobile i.e. a device running the Android operating system. And, it require other following things:
•Java SE Runtime Environment 1.5 or higher.
•Some sort of wireless network connection.

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