Generate wifi from your laptop as a router

You have cable or Ethernet internet connection in your home or office and want to use wifi internet on other device. Are you using router to generate wifi ? But,how about the cost ? If you can generate wifi from your own laptop then why should you pay for router ? Yes, it is possible now. You can generate wifi without any cost from your laptop i.e. you can use your laptop as router.

I am talking about Connectify. This is the software by which you can generate wifi from you laptop. This software also very useful to connect several other devices to your laptop.First of all, download the connectify from here and install on your laptop. When installation is complete the box, as seen below will be open. If box is not open, please search in menu and run connectify.
When above box opened, set the username and passport then click on start hotspot. After this wifi will be generated and search the wifi on other devices then use as your wise. Remember, you must have internet connection in your laptop to generate wifi for internet connection. If you do not have internet connection, your wifi connection only useful to connect devices to the laptop.
This is the trial version of connectify. You can buy full version. But trial version is sufficient in my experience.

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